Trupti Vispute

Languages, maths, Activity-Based Learning

I am a professional with a Master’s in Computer Management (M.C.M.) and experience as a lecturer in a management institute for BBA and BCA students. My journey in the field of education has been driven by a strong belief in activity-based learning, and I’ve always strived to connect with students by knowing their interests and providing knowledge in a way that resonates with them.

For the past 6 or 7 months, I’ve been volunteering with a kids’ group. Being with kids is something that brings joy to my heart, as I feel that I understand them well. My philosophy centers around the idea that learning should be fun and interesting, and I’ve been actively involved in planning fun learning activities and contributing to the overall organization of activities on the floor.

My professional qualifications also include a certificate in typing and web designing, reflecting my interest in technology and its applications in education. But beyond the technical skills, I have a passion for Sanskrit, exploring new places with kids, and a genuine enthusiasm for mathematics.

Joining UnSchool was a conscious and heartfelt decision for me. The reason I chose to be a part of this community is that I see in UnSchool a reflection of my own beliefs about education. I strongly advocate for activity-based learning and feel that modern education needs this type of approach, something that I found resonated with the philosophy at UnSchool.

In a world where everything is constantly changing, I firmly believe that education, too, needs a major transformation. UnSchool, with its innovative and child-centered approach, represents the change that I envision for education. I’m excited to be a part of this movement, contributing my skills, passion, and creativity to shape a new era of learning that is engaging, meaningful, and empowering for the next generation.

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