Living History

Connecting Generations, Learning from Experience

At UnSchool, our eight  pillars – Empowerment, Exploration, Fortitude, Compassion, Obsession, Initiative, Diversity, and Inner Growth – guide our continuous pursuit of innovative and enriching learning experiences. In this rapidly evolving world, we recognize that education must extend beyond traditional boundaries. Embracing this philosophy, we present our unique initiative: “Living History.”

The Experience: Stories, Wisdom, & Insights

Each session of Living History invites the guest to share three significant life experiences. These experiences could encompass:

Personal Milestones: Achievements, failures, love, serendipity, and other personal turning points.

Historical Witnessing: Events of historical importance that they have lived through, connecting students to history in a tangible way.

Tales of Resilience: Stories of overcoming challenges, providing lessons of strength and adaptability.

Living History: More Than Just Storytelling

Living History transcends mere storytelling. It’s a vibrant, interactive experience where students not only listen but actively engage, ask questions, and seek advice. The program aims to:

Broaden Perspectives: Connecting students to their roots and showing them the diverse and interconnected world they are part of.

Foster Community and Continuity: Building a sense of connection, community, and continuity, recognizing that we are all part of a broader tapestry of human experiences.

Empower Through Wisdom: Leveraging the wisdom of our elders to guide our students in navigating their present and future.

Living History at UnSchool is not just an educational program; it’s a celebration of life, wisdom, and human connection. It’s about understanding that history is not confined to textbooks but is alive in the memories and experiences of our elders. Through this initiative, we hope to inspire, engage, and empower our students, making learning a holistic, engaging, and deeply human journey.

Join us in this transformative experience, where we learn not just from books but from the rich tapestry of life itself. Let’s honor our past, enrich our present, and guide our future through the Living History program at UnSchool.

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