Quarterly Expo

Central to UnSchool’s educational philosophy is the belief that authentic, self-directed projects pave the way for meaningful and enduring learning. In line with this approach, we host a Quarterly expo, a platform that showcases students’ mastery of subjects and their capacity to interconnect varied disciplines in creative and insightful ways.

Each quarter, students are challenged to delve into a subject of their choice. This subject serves as the focal point of their project, with the added task of integrating aspects from other disciplines. This approach serves to highlight the interconnectedness of knowledge and the world around us.

Projects can be undertaken individually or in groups of up to three, fostering a spirit of collaboration, team-work and aligning with our pillar of ‘Initiative’. This flexible format gives students the chance to experience both autonomous, independent exploration and the rich, collective experience of team efforts.

Throughout the quarter, students engage with their projects, immersing themselves in their chosen subject, identifying and exploring connections with other disciplines, and employing a broad range of skills. The purpose is not simply to accumulate theoretical knowledge, but to construct something tangible that encapsulates their understanding and insights.

The process encourages students to take charge of their learning, transforming them from passive recipients to active learners. They can select topics that ignite their curiosity, approach them in a way that suits their learning style, and produce outcomes that reflect their unique viewpoints.

At the quarter’s end, the expo comes alive as a vibrant showcase where students present their work to the UnSchool community. It offers a platform to articulate their thoughts, field questions, and receive constructive feedback. Whether they’ve worked alone or collaborated with peers, students display their mastery of subjects, their critical thinking, and their capacity to innovate.

The Quarterly expo encapsulates UnSchool’s commitment to nurturing independent, critical thinkers who can pragmatically apply their knowledge. It underscores our belief in ‘learning by doing’ and creates an environment where theory meets practice, relevance of learning is understood, and students experience the fulfilment of seeing their concepts take shape.

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