Sunny Bhosale

Sports, Fitness and Physical Education

My life’s passion is all about sports, fitness, and nurturing young minds. With a graduation degree in commerce and a sports diploma, I have also pursued various sports and fitness-related courses that have shaped my career.

I’ve spent 12 fulfilling years coaching and 8 years as a PT teacher. My philosophy in teaching is straightforward: whatever I deliver at the end of the day, I want the child to have complete knowledge about it and apply it whenever required. I believe in education that is not just theoretical but practical and applicable in everyday life.

Through my years of experience, I’ve made a significant impact on kids, instilling discipline and strength while approaching each session in a fun and engaging manner. It’s important to me that children not only learn but enjoy the process of learning. I hold a Martial Arts Degree, Fitness and Nutrition certification, and am also a Skating Coach.

I have assisted in demonstrations and presentations in schools, always keen to showcase the importance of sports and physical education in a child’s overall development. My personal interest in sports fuels my teaching approach, and I always strive to inculcate in my students the same love and respect for physical activity that I have.

What drew me to UnSchool was the opportunity to teach kids independently without any restrictions. This freedom allowed me to ensure that the kids received a deep and meaningful understanding of the subjects I was teaching. I appreciate that UnSchool understands how crucial the right equipment is to conduct sports activities. Here, I’ve been able to explore and expand my teaching methods, ensuring that each child gets the best possible sports education.

In my 12-year journey of coaching, I’ve learned that sports is not just about winning or losing; it’s about teamwork, resilience, discipline, and self-confidence. These are the values I aim to instill in my students. Working at UnSchool has allowed me to pursue this mission in an environment that supports innovation, creativity, and individual growth.

I look forward to continuing my journey, pushing boundaries, and helping children grow physically strong and mentally resilient. The joy in their eyes when they master a new skill or overcome a challenge is my greatest reward, and I am committed to fostering this joy in every child I have the privilege to teach.

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