Sayali Rajebahadur

Commerce, Law, Rivers, Gardening, Environment and Self-Paced Learning

I am a CA finalist, Commerce & Law graduate, and a passionate educator with four years of teaching experience. My journey to becoming a teacher at UnSchool was not a planned one; it happened naturally, guided by the influences and inspirations of my early life.

Joining UnSchool was a decision deeply rooted in my philosophy of education. The very name “UnSchool,” with its tagline “imagination unbound” and the infinity symbol, encapsulated the unique approach that resonated with me. I could see that the entire idea of UnSchool was embedded in these elements, making it a place where children are set free to explore and learn.

I believe that children know much more than we often perceive. By creating a proper learning environment, they can explore infinite possibilities on their own. My philosophy aligns with allowing children to lead, with adults serving as navigators rather than drivers. I trust in their capabilities and strive to be there to guide them when needed.

At UnSchool, I embrace a teaching philosophy that emphasizes joy and self-paced learning. I believe that every child is unique, and I strive to create a curriculum that caters to individual needs and interests. Through hands-on activities and interactive methods, I facilitate experiences that lead to those “wow!” moments in learning. Mixed-age group learning becomes natural when we recognize and celebrate each child’s uniqueness.

My primary goal for students is to set them free on a self-exploration learning journey, nurturing them into independent thinkers and solution seekers. I aim to create a joyful learning environment that inspires them to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Outside the classroom, I love hiking, outdoor adventure, being with nature, exploring fine arts, journaling, and traveling to new places. My passion for environmental causes, community work, sports, marathons, origami, cooking, and farming not only enriches my life but also enhances my connection with my students. Sharing real-life experiences and stories helps me bond with them beyond books and words.

As an educator at UnSchool, I aspire to empower children to understand the real meaning of freedom, courage, and independent thinking. I want them to be solution seekers, to act with courage, and to experience the freedom to think independently.

In conclusion, my journey with UnSchool is an ongoing exploration of imagination and creativity. It’s a path that aligns with my deepest beliefs about education and life. Through my dedication, passion, and unique approach, I hope to continue making a positive impact on the lives of the young minds I have the privilege to guide.

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