Sanket Baralay

Founder and Visionary Leader at UnSchool

Sanket Baralay stands at the forefront of educational innovation as the Founder of UnSchool, an institution that redefines learning for the modern era. With a deep-seated passion for education and a visionary approach, Sanket has been instrumental in shaping a learning environment that goes beyond traditional methods, focusing on holistic development and future-ready skills.

Under Sanket’s leadership, UnSchool has evolved into a hub of experiential learning, where students are encouraged to explore, engage, and excel in various disciplines. The institution’s unique approach, emphasizing “Meta Skills” like critical thinking, creativity, adaptability, and emotional intelligence, reflects Sanket’s belief in education as a tool for comprehensive development.

Sanket’s vision for UnSchool extends beyond academic excellence. He advocates for an education that nurtures curious minds, fosters ethical values, and prepares students to be global citizens. His dedication to this cause is evident in the diverse range of programs and activities offered at UnSchool, each designed to bring out the best in every student.

At the core of Sanket’s philosophy is a commitment to creating a learning space that is not just about acquiring knowledge, but about inspiring change. He envisions UnSchool as a place where the leaders of tomorrow are nurtured, a testament to his unwavering belief in the transformative power of education.

Sanket Baralay’s professional journey is a testament to his visionary approach. As the founder of FIGmd in 2010, Sanket established the company as a leader in healthcare intelligence, focusing on clinical, claims, and data acquisition platforms. Under his leadership, FIGmd developed innovative cloud-based solutions that leveraged machine learning and analytics to simplify the acquisition of data across multiple sources and formats, providing intelligent and actionable insights.

FIGmd’s technology, under Sanket’s guidance, interfaced with over 250 EMRs and clinical systems and supported more than 10,000 specific clinical data elements from over 150,000 providers. This robust platform significantly impacted healthcare quality and outcomes across the United States.

In 2021, Sanket’s journey took a significant turn when FIGmd was acquired by MRO Corporation, a leading clinical data workflow platform and provider of release of information solutions. This acquisition marked a pivotal expansion in MRO’s capabilities, integrating FIGmd’s advanced data interoperability technology with MRO’s expertise in secure clinical data exchange. Sanket joined MRO as part of the acquisition, bringing his experience and leadership to the MRO team.

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