Sangram Sadhale

Languages, maths, Activity-Based Learning

An artist with a flair for creativity, a former boxer, and a dedicated educator at UnSchool, I lead classes in Origami, Sculpting, Chess, and 3D Printing at UnSchool. With a B.H.M.C.T. degree and over 10 years of teaching experience, my journey has been an exploration of art, play, and expression.

Growing up, my love for toys, action figures, and mathematics inspired me to create thousands of objects, blending calculation with play. My early experiences shaped my understanding of the world and led me to value humor and empathy, traits that have guided my approach to teaching.

Before joining UnSchool, I worked as a freelance artist, chess teacher, and was part of creative teams like “Lil Lotus” and “ArtsyCraftsy.” I also taught art and craft at various schools, experiences that deepened my belief that we learn from the world around us and that everyone is both a student and a teacher.

At UnSchool, my classes in Origami, Sculpting, Chess, and 3D Printing provide unique opportunities for students to explore their creativity and develop new skills. I lead art and decoration projects, sketching, and paper cutting for various events, striving to create an environment where students can express themselves freely. My teaching philosophy emphasizes befriending students, subtly introducing education as something exciting, and treating them with respect.

Outside of UnSchool, I conduct one-on-one tuitions for kids with special needs, reflecting my commitment to inclusive education. My personal interests, including PC gaming, puzzles, and various forms of art, enrich my connection with students and inform my teaching approach.

My mentor, Dr. Narayan Desai, taught me the importance of sharing one’s gifts, a principle that resonates with UnSchool’s mission to inspire creativity, compassion, and resilience. I joined UnSchool because I admire education that embraces freedom of expression, and I found here a community that shares my vision.

I have grown up with intense rebellion against unnecessary authority and fear-based learning, and UnSchool’s free environment for education was a refreshing change. My experience at UnSchool has been fulfilling and inspiring, and I look forward to continuing to empower our students, fostering a love for art, creativity, and lifelong learning. UnSchool’s emphasis on experiential learning, creativity, and collaboration aligns perfectly with my goals to make students witty, quick, and empathetic thinkers.

As I look to the future, my aspiration as an educator at UnSchool is to learn more to teach more, building radiant individuals and contributing to the transformative educational experiences offered by UnSchool.

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