Samir Parikh

Finance, Sales & Marketing, Practical Business Education

I am a professional with a B.Com and MBA in Marketing from Pune University. My career has taken me through various roles, including being the Branch-Incharge at MIRC Electronics Ltd in Goa, handling the Onida brand, and owning Pro Biz Consulting, a manpower consulting business.

My approach to teaching and learning is rooted in the 7 W&H method, Mind-Map techniques, case studies, and the practical application of concepts through assignments or projects. This hands-on approach aligns with my belief in engaging students with real-world scenarios and encouraging them to think critically and creatively.

At UnSchool, I have been actively involved in taking sessions on subjects like Finance, Sales & Marketing, and managing real projects. These sessions involve product making, costing, packaging, advertisement creation, pricing strategies, target market identification, competitors’ product and service mapping, and sales (both digital and venue selling). My aim is to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

In addition to my business and educational pursuits, I hold a certification in Nutrition & Wellness from Nutrilite University, USA, and I’m also a Reiki healer with a 2nd-degree qualification. These skills reflect my broader interests in holistic well-being and personal growth.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy traveling, reading (especially business, self-help, spiritual, and self-help books), listening to music, cooking, and meeting achievers who inspire me.

My connection to UnSchool began with my desire to provide the best education for my son. However, it quickly evolved into a deeper association with like-minded people who believe in conceptual and applied learning. I see a future where the key to success will be the ability to provide solutions and solve problems creatively. Traditional schools often fall short in providing an environment where children can be more creative, thoughtful, and explore new ways to perform and deliver tasks.

UnSchool, with its innovative approach, resonates with my philosophy and aspirations. I’m proud to be a part of this educational revolution, contributing my skills, experience, and passion to shape a new generation of thinkers, creators, and problem solvers.

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