Naynish Kuchekar

History, Carpentry, Mimansa and Sanskrit

My journey has been an enlightening one filled with learning and exploration. My education began in the Gurukul of Swadhyay Pariwar, where I immersed myself in both Indian and Western philosophy, learned about various aspects of culture, and even embraced farming. Those Gurukul days are the golden moments of my life, laying the foundation for my life’s path.

After Gurukul, I earned my BA from Yashwantrao Chawhan Maharashtra Open University, followed by an MA in Sanskrit from Pune University, focusing on Mimansa, which profoundly changed my attitude towards life, creation, and God. I also completed my B.Ed from Kavi Kulaguru Kalidas University, Nagpur.

My teaching career began in my village, Talegaon, where I taught Sanskrit in Saraswati Vidya Mandir and then in Indira National School for grades 9 to 12. I believe that no one can truly teach another; we can only be a medium, like cobblestones on the path showing the right way. It is the student’s job to walk the path themselves. I chose to become a teacher because we can only say we have understood something well when we can teach it to others.

In UnSchool, I explore history with children, engage in crafts, create different wooden things, make toys, play with clay, and do siporex carving. We also recite shlokas and learn new stotras daily. I have completed a Sanskrit teaching course and presented various research essays.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy reading books, making different things, learning something new, and creating the best out of waste. I love reading philosophy and Upanishad, and I also compose Sanskrit verses. I have a passion for crafts, wooden creations, toys, clay play, and siporex carving.

What attracted me to UnSchool was the realization that there is no syllabus for life, and what is outside the syllabus is life itself. UnSchool embodies this philosophy, allowing me to talk about much more than just the curriculum. If we want to create a person who follows their own thoughts, it’s not appropriate to confine them to a syllabus. UnSchool puts this belief into practical form, and that’s why I joined.

I find fulfillment in guiding and inspiring young minds at UnSchool, exploring, creating, and learning together. My journey continues to be a path of discovery, growth, and joy, and I am excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

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