Kapil Deshpande

Mathematics and Holistic Education

My journey through education and life has been anything but ordinary. I hold a B.Sc. in Mathematics, an LLB, and a B.A. in French. These diverse qualifications have led me to various professional roles, including working as a French Language Analyst at CMC Ltd. (TCS), a writer, and a translator.

Teaching has always been close to my heart, especially French and Mathematics. I’ve had the joy of teaching these subjects to students from 8th to 10th grade. What I believe sets me apart is my teaching philosophy. I advocate a “No Teaching” approach, where I guide my students to self-learn and explore. I strive to help them see the connection between subjects and daily life, fostering a holistic understanding of education. This approach is what led me to UnSchool, where I found a platform that resonates with my belief in child-driven learning.

My academic pursuits don’t stop at traditional subjects. I’ve completed certificate courses in Urdu, Marathi, and French from various prestigious institutions. These linguistic skills have not only enriched my understanding of cultures but also allowed me to translate legal documents.

Beyond academics, I’m a lover of adventure. I’ve trained in wall climbing and trekking with professional climbers. These experiences have taught me the value of perseverance and courage.

I also find solace in creative expression. Poetry and music are dear to me, and I enjoy reading, writing, playing the flute, and exploring nature. My passion for photography allows me to capture the beauty I see around me.

Joining UnSchool was a conscious decision, driven by the alignment of its philosophy with my own. The freedom, flexibility, and emphasis on child-driven learning offered at UnSchool make it the perfect place for me to nurture young minds.

In a world that often emphasizes rigid structures and standardization, I strive to inspire creativity, curiosity, and independent thinking in my students. Through my work at UnSchool, I hope to continue shaping a future where children are free to explore, learn, and grow on their terms.

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