Ashwini Jamdade

Science, Mathematics, cooking and Early Childhood Education

I’m Ashwini Jamdade, and I’ve dedicated 13 years to nurturing young minds. My passion for education began with my formative experiences as a child. Being the youngest and only girl among my siblings, I was pampered but disciplined. I thrived on socializing, participating in various activities like swimming, karate, Shloka pathan classes, and art and craft workshops. These activities instilled in me a love for learning and exploration, values that would later define my teaching philosophy.

My educational journey was shaped by my family. My father, a professor, and my brother supported my studies, making learning accessible and exciting. I was inspired by their dedication to education, leading me to pursue a B.Ed in Science – Mathematics and a B.H.SC. in Human Development, specializing in Early Childhood Care and Education.

My motivation to teach comes from my relentless passion for practical subjects and my affection for children. My father’s role as a professor profoundly influenced me, teaching me the importance of character and inspiring me to become an educator myself.

When I was introduced to UnSchool, I was immediately drawn to its non-traditional teaching philosophy. UnSchool’s emphasis on creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving resonated with my beliefs. I discovered a place that valued experiential learning, aligning perfectly with my conviction that education should empower students to take ownership of their learning journey.

At UnSchool, my teaching philosophy flourishes. I create a student-centered environment, building relationships, promoting communication, and tailoring instruction to individual needs. Adapting to mixed-age groups, I employ differentiated instruction, encourage collaboration, and set personalized goals. This approach aligns with UnSchool’s mission to create an empowering environment, igniting curiosity and transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.

My primary goals for my students are to nurture creativity and innovation and cultivate good character and ethical values. I make learning joyful by incorporating interactive activities, showcasing dedication, and encouraging independent research. These aspirations resonate with UnSchool’s vision to foster a dynamic learning environment, where exploration, fortitude, and compassion guide our community.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy traveling, driving, experimenting with cooking, and dancing. These interests infuse my teaching with diverse perspectives and creativity. My love for cooking, for instance, translates into hands-on activities, enhancing student engagement.

Looking to the future, my aspirations as an educator at UnSchool are to adapt to the changing world, contribute to the holistic development of students, and instill confidence and critical thinking. I aim to create a nurturing and empowering environment, reflecting UnSchool’s commitment to equipping students for an interconnected, diverse, and rapidly evolving world.

My journey with UnSchool is a testament to my belief in a flexible, engaging, and personalized approach to education. Together, we’re redefining education, creating compassionate, innovative, and resilient leaders of tomorrow.

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