Anandhan S

Electrical and Electronics, Robotics and automation

An Electrical and Electronics Engineer, I have a passion for teaching, mentoring, and empowering the young minds of today. With two years of experience in various technical subjects, my journey as an educator at UnSchool is a reflection of my commitment to bridging the technology gap in education and inspiring innovation.

Born into a rural family, where my father was a farmer and my mother supported him in the field, I grew up with a deep appreciation for hard work and the value of education. My parents’ emphasis on my studies and my natural curiosity about electrical concepts led me to choose a career path as an Electrical Engineer.

During my higher education, I realized the gap between the academic syllabus and industry demands, a realization that was further accentuated by my professional experiences in Electrical wiring, underground cable installation, and Electrical panel board manufacturing. These experiences, combined with my work in applied robotics, ignited my desire to teach, explaining complex subjects in a more accessible manner.

My journey into teaching was self-motivated, guided by my personal experiences and inspired by the educators I encountered throughout my life. Their qualities of sharing knowledge and nurturing young minds influenced my decision to contribute my expertise in areas like electrical and electronics, mechanical concepts, programming, and robotics.

UnSchool’s unique approach to education, focusing on skills enhancement, real-world problem-solving, and staying abreast of the latest technology, resonated with my belief that education goes beyond textbooks. I was drawn to UnSchool’s mission to equip students for success in the modern world and found alignment with my personal teaching philosophy.

In the classroom, I emphasize teamwork, hands-on practical learning, leadership development, self-learning, and problem-solving. I adapt to the unique needs of my students by providing clear explanations and focusing on individual understanding. My approach fosters engagement, empowerment, and creativity, preparing students to face real-world challenges.

My personal interests in basketball, shuttlecock, chess, and outdoor activities like trucking and tree planting influence my teaching by promoting active learning and an appreciation for nature. My passion for electronics and staying updated with technology enriches my lessons with relevant and current information.

Looking forward, my aspirations at UnSchool revolve around empowering students as self-learners and problem solvers in the ever-evolving technology field. I aim to provide practical and hands-on training, keeping students updated with the latest advancements. My vision is to foster creativity, resilience, and independence, guiding them toward success in their chosen paths.

Through my dedication, experience, and innovative teaching approach, I strive to make a lasting impact at UnSchool. By embracing the challenges and joys of learning, I hope to inspire and support my students, nurturing them into confident and capable individuals ready to shape the future.

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