The Unschool identity is the reflection of our thoughts, passion and what we believe in.The concentric unraveling circles show the unwinding from conventional system of education and moving from constraints to freedom.

The colours display our vision and motivation. Orange colour radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and vibrancy of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. It is also the colour of rejuvenation and optimism. Purple stands for challenging conventions and exploration of creativity, mystery, and power of sub consciousness.These traits and qualities, what we believe help us in igniting bright young minds.We want to let out the inherent latent power of a child to break free which would help him attain his true potential. We want his imagination to get unbound to discover umpteen possibilities.

In partnership with Beacon Healthcare, UnSchool extends the focus on the child even before they are born.Pre-natal development has been shown to be critical to the child’s successful future.

Guided Parenting, nurturing the young, within the comfort of your home.Pre-natal development has been shown to be critical to the child’s successful future.

At 6 months of age, we help the parents transitionthe child to a learning environment outside the home. Traditionally these are called “Day-Cares” or Crèche, however at UnSchool, we have built an environmentwhich promotes in depth parent engagement complimented by professional care that promotesoptimal child development.

At two years of age, the UnSchool experience transitions into a more formal goal directed experience. This is where our expert team of mentors and learning facilitators works withthe child to develop various cognitive, physical and emotional skills.