UnSchool- a place to learn not to teach

Every child is unique. Children in the age group of 0-6 have the ability to learn whatever they are exposed to. They have very soft and impressionable minds. ‘UnSchool’ centres around the child in the real sense. It is a place where children are asked to undertake any activity as per their wish, aptitude and interest.

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Learning by experience

We believe that the best, most effective learning takes place through actual experiences.

Well grounded curriculum but at the pace of the child

The child is at the centre of all the things.

Performance, well-measured

We do not believe in marks, ranking or even grades.

No timings, no uniforms

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Just like your home

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Active parent involvement

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In collaboration with Beacon -A Modern Family Clinic

We believe that your child’s mental as well as physical development and health is vital to a healthy and prosperous future.

Pro-active to ensure your child’s safety

Beacon conducts regular training programs for Unschool mentors regarding child health safety and first aid.

Well balanced nutritious diet

A child’s early years are extremely critical in terms of development of overall health and immune system. A healthy body is a must for a healthy mind.